Sunday, January 11, 2015


Read an article by Joyce Meyer entitled  "What are you afraid of?"  Wow!!  It seemed she
was talking directly to me.  All my life I have been afraid of everything!  Always wanted 
to do something, but I was always so afraid of failure that I gave up even before I tried it.
I lost so many opportunities because my fear paralized me.  Being afraid can be so

She says,  "Fear is an enemy that torments the soul and seeks to steal our life.  Conquering
it is not something that we do in one day, or even 1,000 days.  It is something that we
conquer one day at a time with God's help.  Being free from fear doesn't mean that we
will never experience it or be confronted by it.  It means that we are committed to not
allowing it to rule our lives and when necessary we will do what we need to do, even if
we have to do it afraid.

Don't ever let fear keep you from your destiny and all God has for you.  It may not be
easy,  but God  will be right there to meet you all along the way.  You might not believe
in yourself, but God believes in you.  God has given us all that we could ever need to
overcome our fears through Christ.

We all have fears, but God wants to give us the strength to face them head-on.  It may be
fear of failure, rejection, loss of control, whatever has a grip on you.  You can still triumph-
just do it afraid.

Each time you feel fear and decide to "do it afraid"  you will enjoy your new freedom so
much that you will soon be totally unwilling to do without it.  You will become determined
to end your days of slavery to fear.  Even if you have a weak moment, that doesn't mean you
have lost your victory.  If we give up, even God can't help us because we receive help through
faith, not through hopelessness.  We need to stay positive, hopeful and filled with faith and
when we do we can overcome anything with God's help.  Anyone can succeed if we refuse to
give up.

Being able to recognize the lies, deceits and strategies of the devil is so important.  We should
always be ready to resist him at the onset of his attacks.  The longer we let a fear remain, the
more difficult it is to get rid of.  So make a decision to be a person of action.  You have what
it takes to win!

Again...Don't ever let fear keep you from your destiny!  You have to go forward doing it afraid
or you will stay crippled the rest of your life.  You have what it takes to do it afraid!!"

Well, I hope I have what it takes to do it afraid because I have to get a (knee replacement
operation) and I am scared to death!, but I am  going to put my faith in God and I am going
to.....DO IT AFRAID....

Thursday, January 8, 2015


     Such a sad word when you depend on other people to make you happy!
Sometimes you feel like nobody cares.  You think that if they don't call you or
write to you, it's because they don't love you.  Think about it for a minute!  Do
you ever feel guilty of doing the same thing?  Do you call these same people
sometimes and tell them that you love them?  No, because you are so busy
feeling sorry for yourself that you forget that they are also human and feel the
same way you do when you never get in touch with them.
     I am guilty!!  I am guilty of not calling more or writing more because I am too
busy feeling sorry for myself.
     You cannot depend on other people to make you happy.  If you do, you will be
sadly disappointed.  You have to find your own happiness with God and within
     From now on,  I promise myself  that I will call more and write more because
I don't want anyone to feel the way I feel.
     I remember a story that I read about a teenager in school.  One day he felt so
down and so lonely that at the end of the day he emptied his locker.  As he was
walking home with his arms full of books, all of a sudden the books fell to the
ground.  Another student saw him and bent down to help him pick them up. 
They started walking together talking and laughing and before they parted they
agreed to get together sometime. 
     They soon became friends.  A few years later they graduated and that's when
he told his friend that the day they met he had emptied his locker because he was
planning to go home to commit suicide.
     So, you see, a stranger's act of kindness saved him.   Please, never deny anyone
a smile or an act of kindness.  It will mean more to them than you could ever imagine.